Jelt Collection

Build the versatile and stylish wardrobe you’ve been dreaming of with accessories from Jelt. Our collections feature a wide range of must-have belts to add to your closet, including durable sized-to-fit and adjustable elastic belts. With our sustainable and practical approach, you’ll be able to wear stylish and durable belts for all types of adventures. Learn more about our Jelt collections to find the perfect fit for your active lifestyle.

Elastic Belts that Move with You

There’s nothing quite like a Jelt belt when it comes to keeping your pants in place. These sized-to-fit belts and adjustable belts are more than just a style statement; they’re a practical accessory that’s built to take on any challenge. Each belt is made from recycled plastic bottles for an eco-friendly approach. The durable elastic stretches and moves as you do so it’s never too tight or restrictive. Instead, you get a snug fit that stays in place with or without belt loops thanks to an inner grippy gel. To top it all off, Jelt belts for kids and adults also feature flat buckles that don’t bulge under shirts, and our metal-free belts won’t slow you down at security checkpoints. They’re great for everything from casual days and travel to hiking, biking, skiing, golfing and other athletic and adventurous activities. Show off a little personality by choosing a belt in an exciting color or pattern or one from your favorite collegiate team.