The Best Hiking Clothes For Men

The Best Hiking Clothes For Men

The Best Hiking Clothes for Men Broken Down, by Cameron Seagle, The World Pursuit

I spend a lot of time writing about various outdoor products. From this work, I have been fortunate enough to test out many products in the Canadian Rockies. With a successful website on outdoor adventures, I get a lot of free products. I don’t say that as a brag; rather, when I love a product and choose to wear and use it regularly, this comes from having tested a dozen competitors.

In recent years, one of the largest growing markets has been hiking clothes for men as more and more people hit the trail every year. The result is a crowded market with a plethora of options for men available. I’ll do my best to update this post from time to time with my current hiking outfit for men and favorite summer hiking clothes!

What Makes A Great Hiking Outfit For Men?

A great hiking outfit men is all about what makes you comfortable in the great outdoors. Hiking clothes that are practical, lightweight, and durable can make the difference between a great day out and an okay day out. My ideal hiking attire for men consists of:

  • Hiking Pants
  • Base Layer
  • Mid Layer or Down Jacket
  • Hiking Shell Jacket
  • Merino Wool Socks
  • Hiking Underwear
  • Hat for Sun Protection
  • Sunglasses
  • Trail Runners or Hiking Boots
Scramble Men's Hiking Clothes

Jelt Belt

A few of my hiking pants come with a built-in belt which is great for traveling light. However, whenever I am in need for a belt I go for my Jelt Belt.

Jelt is a women-owned social enterprise that produces belts made from 100% recycled plastic bottles with an innovative patented flat buckle that lies flat against your body.

Both Natasha and I have a few of these bad boys and they are SO much better than regularly clunky belts.

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A version of this blog was originally published by The World Pursuit on June 2, 2021 by Cameron Seagle. Photos courtesy of Cameron Seagle and Natasha Alden, The World Pursuit