Our Favorite Websites that Get You Outside

Meag Out West, Jackson Wyoming influencer skiing Grand Teton while wearing a Jelt elastic stretch belt.

In honor of Earth Day, we are celebrating some of the best outdoor websites. We are Montanans after all. These bloggers and editors share their passion for getting us outside, while educating us on trends and news about the outdoor industry. They are all badass women too!


Dirtbag Darling is an online adventure journal, one half dispatches from the wild and one half interviews with outdoor advocates. All working towards a greater good of pursuing the unprofitable, conquering the useless, and most importantly defending the fun. The creator, Johnie Gall seems like a chick we would love to get a beer with and talk all things outdoors. We always visit her site when we want to be inspired for traveling and her amazing outdoor photography is a bonus.

Dirtbag Darling

Photo by: Dirtbag Darling 


She Explores is a website for inquisitive women in the outdoors and on the road. The founding editor in chief, Gale Straub, has the goal of making She Explores a growing resource for creative and adventurous women. She has over 200 women's stories and artwork, including a feature on Jelt, in the Stay Equipped section, highlighting our sustainability, charitable efforts and how we perfectly align with outdoor fashion. We love connecting with other women who are inspired by the outdoors and She Explores is one of our favorite blogs for that inspiration.

Madison Perrins

Photo by: Madison Perrins 


With Yellowstone National Park in our backyard, national parks are certainly near and dear to Jelt. This is why we donate a portion of our annual sales to organizations supporting the environment and wilderness ecosystems, including Greater Yellowstone Coalition. This connected us to our next favorite blogger, Wilderness Babes, an adventure collective of outdoor women supporting the National Park Foundation through inspiration, outreach, and community. Their support helps to protect and maintain our national parks, connect people to them, and inspire adventure enthusiasts to treat our parks with the respect they deserve. 

Wilderness Babes

Photo: Wilderness Babes


We adore this mountain town babe out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Meagan "Meag" Murtagh, celebrates the outdoor lifestyle and mountain town living in her blog, Meag Out West. Her beautiful blog is a visual inspiration for style, travel, play, outdoor activities and sustainability. She recently took a Jelt belt on a cross country ski day in Grand Teton National Park and is now one of our favorite Jelters! Make sure to check out her blog for more of her fun posts and a virtual tour of the great town of Jackson.  

Meagan Murtagh with the Egg out West

Photo by: Peter Lobozzo


At Jelt, we know a few things about making comfortable products that support active lifestyles. This is why we love Title Nine and their outdoor and athletic apparel for women on the move from work, to the gym and to weekend with ease. They also have a similar business philosophy to Jelt, dedicated to sustainability and support their growth with their own, internal resources. Their catalogs are all recyclable and made from a renewable resource. In fact, the wood used to make the paper pulp comes from sustainably-managed forests and is independently certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. They have also been celebrating women in the outdoors for years and are just a rad company all around.

Title Nine image of woman running with paddle board

Photo: Title Nine 

We hope these resources inspire you to get outside this Earth Day and take in everything that this beautiful planet has to offer.